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The Fear Of The Lord (Audio)

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” (Proverbs 9:10). The fear of the Lord is not being afraid of God. Does this surprise you? You cannot have an intimate [...]

Why Are You Still Here? (Audio)

WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? Why have you stopped where you are when you have been called to something greater? Jesus died on the cross not only to save you but [...]

One More Night With The Frogs (Audio)

In one of Pastor Berteau’s most requested messages taken from Exodus Chapter 8, follow the final plague that ultimately gained Israel their freedom from Egypt. Discover how this plague may be reflected in your [...]

This Is An Emergency (Audio) – 2 Part

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY Have you ever asked the question,”Where are you Jesus?” What do you do in the time of trouble when you are not hearing from God? You do not give up. [...]

HEALING (Audio) – 3 Part

HEALING Is healing God’s will? Is healing for us today? Learn the answers to these questions and how sin and strongholds can affect your physical body. This series will help you understand why there is [...]

Christianity Lite (Audio) – 8 Part

CHRISTIANITY LITE Almost every food and beverage today has a “lite” version. Many of us have taken that same attitude – sometimes even without realizing it – and applied it to our faith. We [...]

2 BECOME 1 (Audio)

2 BECOME 1 There is nothing that resembles our relationship with God as closely as a husband and his bride. "When the man gives, loves, cherishes and nourishes his wife, he’s playing the role [...]

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