buy clomid post cycle therapy Dear Pastors and Leaders,

you could try these out One thing is needed more than a platform, power, state-of-the- art sound, lights and conferences. It is wisdom. Solomon asked God for wisdom when he said, “I need to know how to do this, how to lead people. I am a king, but I’m really a child.” Solomon says, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” The wisest man who ever lived asked for something more valuable than diamonds, gold and fame. He asked for understanding.
My life has been dedicated to teach and to impart the practical with the powerful. To see ministry principles converted to growth. This book was not written by a therapist but a practitioner. We all have dreams, but the ladder to reach them is a mystery. I am putting on these pages timeless ministry concepts that will help your dreams become reality. The devil will not own this generation of youth. This is a book that moves your ministry from the rest home to revolution.

web Sincerely, Glen Berteau


  1. Consider Your Ways
  2. Character
  3. Steps to Leadership
  4. Strategy and Game Plans
  5. Fellowship & House Parties
  6. Takin’ It to the Streets
  7. Battlefields Become Harvest Fields
  8. Outreach Ideas By Pastor Micah Berteau
  9. Hitting Higher Education With a Higher Power
  10. Raiders of the Lost
  11. Warning Signs
  12. The Strength to Conquer
  13. Radical Communication
  14. Eleven Sermons Young People Need to Hear
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